Success – the stupidest word in the world

I fucking hate the word “success”. And any deviation of it. “Successful”.

“He’s so successful.

“What are the secrets of your success?”

“Nothing can stop me from your dreams of success.”

“I have dreams of wild success and retiring at 40.”

“I interview successful people to learn their tricks.”

All of this is bullshit. It’s all misguided.

By what measure is success defined?

A stupid rhetoric question that I know the answer to it. Rich, fame, adulation, status, etc.

Everybody seems to think that once you get A, B and C to happen, everything will be great. So all I do is work to get A, B and C to happen – then life all works out magically.

Life sucks now but I’ll block all that out now to get A, B and C to happen. Then –

No more worrying. Fulfilment. Roll Credits. Done.

Agassi’s autobiography Open should be required reading for anyone who’s ever had any of the above thoughts. Especially young people.

Dream big, but realising them isn’t your key to happiness.

Happiness is appreciating the present. Not some future circumstance that you can’t control and have no idea of.

Agassi was miserable throughout his life. Despite all his success in tennis. His lack of childhood resembles Michael Jackson’s – something he admits in the book.

Whatever feeling of victory in tennis he has quickly disappears. He feels nothing. His Wimbledon victory. His Olympics victory. Countless others.

All of this a path he took, or was ordered to take, and all it did was make him feel empty.






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