Spend 20% of your time on the road (Part II)

I just got a great reply to my 20% post – Thanks Lucas Olmas !

Lucas introduced me to a Japanese principle that sums it up: “Genchi Genbutsu” (Go and See)

Question is – how?

How do you call on people outside of sales calls, especially if they’re not your client? (Lucas asked me this.)  Great question.

I’ve actually found it easy to engage people beyond sales calls, as they’re generally a lot more at ease when you’re not trying to push them into something. People love talking about their business, new trends, what makes a good supplier to them, what information would help them, so if you visit them (take them to lunch or coffee) with that mandate, it’s very effective and they feel no pressure. Active listening always yields great results. And if you can show how the information they supply shapes the business offer, they generally feel they’ve contributed to something great.


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