Mindfulness in 30 Seconds

I’ve been practicing Mindfulness meditation for over a year now.

I’ve tried a million things to try to improve my life. I can truly say that the 9 minute meditation I do each morning has fundamentally changed the game.

I typically use a guided meditation* from Sam Harris.

I’m now getting to clearer and deeper realms of consciousness. But my point in writing this post is not to go into that.

Recently I’ve decided to try something new.

Spending ten minutes meditating in the morning is great, but how can I apply it to my whole day? I can’t always sit cross-legged on a chair or the floor every time I feel anxious.

What if I could use Mindfulness to observe any negative thought that comes into my head throughout the day (I get many!) and redirect it to positive thoughts?

I’ve come up with something I’ve been doing over the week and it’s worked like magic. And it takes all of 30 seconds.

Here’s what I do when I get a negative thought:

  1. Stop what I’m doing.
  2. Label the thought under anger, fear, dread, doubt, resentment, hate, whatever.
  3. Breathe and concentrate on my breathing for 10 seconds (practicing Mindfulness)
  4. Think of one of the three things that I’m grateful for**

This is hard the first few times, but soon I found that after practicing to the point of second nature, negative thoughts just keep getting deflected.

I can carry around happy and positive emotions – and it shows in my interactions with others.

I hate carrying around fear, dread, doubt, hate etc. all day. It’s not helpful. And it manifests upon itself with others. I’ll admit I’m pretty guilty of doing that.

Try my four step method – hope it helps.

*Below is my daily meditation from Sam Harris.

**I use The Five Minute Journal to come up with 3 things I’m grateful for each day. More of that in a later post.




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