Three Weird Ways Evernote Can Make You More Productive

Evernote has become my saving grace recently. I use it about 15 times a day on average, from clipping articles, to making shopping lists, to dictating random thoughts I have.

The list goes on.

Productivity is king to me. I will write more as months go on, but I’ve become a huge fan of personal calibrations weekly, monthly, three monthly. bi-annually and annually. I quite like what is known as the “ROAR” technique: Review, Organise, Anticipate, Rocks. But more of that later.

There’s nothing better than finding ways to get more done quicker, easier, better with less hassle. And Evernote has been instrumental for my recent gains.

Instead of writing about it, I’ll show you.

Here are three weird ways I’ve found Evernote has helped me in my personal calibration schedule:

3 Weird Ways Evernote Has Helped Me Be More Productive


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