Happy With Your Day

Tim Ferriss in his fantastic post about productivity hacks describes a process which I’ve recently been adopting. I used to be in the habit of checking emails as soon as I got up. I decided to stop doing this and not checking emails till I was at my desk after I’d completed Tim’s process outlined in his post. It has worked great for me – I’ve enjoyed a renewed focus that I’ve set for myself – not someone else or something else. And it’s not like you’re missing anything that urgent – I’ve read it said before but if it’s that urgent they’ll call you. There is one thing that I think warrants expanding upon: “If this were the only thing I accomplished today, would I be satisfied with my day?”

What is satisfaction to you?

Are you thinking broadly enough / spiritually enough / at a high enough level?

Maybe you like connecting people. Or connecting ideas. Maybe you like moving an audience. Have you focused your day and controlled all the activities you’re going to do to achieve this?

Getting things done is rewarding in itself – and i feel that unless you really think about what true satisfaction is at a high level, you’ll be tempted to just tick the boxes with low level things that are annoying you and mistakenly call it a day in which you were satisfied.

I am going to talk a lot about productivity in my blog. I think you need to anchor what you’re doing with some high level goals and things you want to be remembered for – and have this as a reference every time you ask Tim’s question.