I just ran around on the North side of Sydney Harbour this morning on my usual running track. As I approached the point which is perhaps the best vantage point to view the Opera House, I saw two middle aged couples standing facing each other.

As I got closer I noticed one of the ladies held a bouquet of flowers in her hands.

They weren’t dressed in anything particularly special – I think the guys might have had a shirt and one a tie but it certainly didn’t look ceremonial.

My first reaction was that it must be sad – they must be grieving someone’s passing. Hopefully not – hopefully not a son or daughter.

But as I got even closer I realised they were all smiling. And I noticed one of the men was reading to the other two from some kind of ledger. It was a wedding ceremony.

I suddenly got this overwhelming sense of happiness. For them. And of them.

You could look at it and instantly think, this is going to work out. They’re not going to screw this up. This is perfect.

There’s no beautiful gown, hair, glowing bride, no church, cars, no marquee, no overwhelming reception. Nothing. Just pure raw happiness.

We all get so jealous of such stupid things. We hate to hear when our friends are ‘doing better’ than us. As Morrissey said, “We hate it when our friends become successful”.

Wow he’s just bought another $6 mil house.

Wow she’s negotiating a $500K a year contract.

Only if I had that i would be happy.

Look at this couple though. Do you need anything more?

I couldn’t hear what they were saying but they were the most beautiful words I have ever heard.

I couldn’t feel what they were feeling but I they were the most beautiful feelings ever felt.

I couldn’t see, and they couldn’t see, their future, but I knew it was the most beautiful future that ever happened.

Be jealous of that.

This is my first ever blog post. I’ve been over thinking the blog to an incredible new degree of indecisiveness for months now. Where to start? What should I talk about? How should I write it? Who is my target audience? Why am I writing this? In the six words I most hate in corporate boardrooms “What are we trying to achieve?”

Just jump in. You’ll figure it out. I’ll talk more about this in a later post, but it’s amazing what the first step to doing anything does. In Tim Ferriss’s amazing book The Four Hour Body http://fourhourbody.com/, a quote by the CTO of InfoEther Chad Fowler smashed me on the head.

He says most people “wish for an outcome but make intention-driven action towards that outcome. If they would just do something most people would find that they get some version of the outcome they’re looking for”

Too true.

And I just did it! And what better way to start than with Happiness.

And instantly I can see a map. Of things I need to do. Of exciting possibilities.

Stay tuned for… I have no idea yet.